Nowadays, the shareholding is composed by 17 winegrowers and Caja Rural de Soria (local bank).

In April 1999 the construction of the cellar was started. The location chosen was in the zone of ancient cellars, which bears witness of the wine tradition of this land, and its people.

The first elaboration was made in October 1999 in “precarious” conditions. We only had 1 of the 3 current buildings. The total amount was 183.916 kilos of grape.

Today, the winery has a total built surface of 2.580 sq. m., splitted into 4 zones:

We have projected adding another building in the back part of the winery of around 600 sq. m. which will serve as auxiliary materials warehouse.

We are 13 people working now in the winery.

In this harvest we have collected and elaborated 700.000 kilo of grape.

For us, the most important thing is the field word, taking care of our grape.

We carry on an exhaustive phenological and phytosanitary tracing along the crop cycle, which allows us knowing the product, and the uniformity of our grape.

We make a first selection on the vineyards, that we confirm with analysis on grape reception.

When elaborating, we take special care about our grapes, taking advantage of our height level between our reception area elaboration areas.

We put tradition and modernity altogether.


Growing on export, and consolidate home market.

Remain faithful to quality, based on the daily work of our growers, who help us on making the difference. This is a key to get a high standard, unique, product.

Bodegas Castillejo de Robledo is a “Dream” come true that gives dynamism and wants to stay in an environment full of nature and authenticity.